Why do we a Freight Forwarding Company

Freight Forwarding is a very responsible and strenuous job. With millions of goods transported all the time, delivering a package to the desired door involves a lengthy process. A Freight Forwarding agent does it all for you with shipment tracking, customs brokerage, warehousing, negotiating, and cargo space consolidation. With 40 years of expertise in Freight forwarding, mex berlian enjoys a loyal customer following in freight forwarding.

Port-to-Door Delivery

An efficient cargo management system employed makes this possible. Warehousing should also be taken care of.


Shipping via Freight Forwarders can be cost-effective. They have strong connections in the ports and have the skills to bargain prices for your cargo which would have been otherwise way higher.

Cargo space consolidation

Not all shippers have shipments the size of a container. Such packages of multiple shippers can be consolidated into one container, and the fees are paid only for the space and tonnage by all the participants of the consolidation. Shippers cannot carry this out; who might not know about the space available. But a freight forwarding Company knows, and they ensure to make the process more efficient.


Without maintenance of proper documentation, shipments lose their way. Trusted Freight carriers ensure documentation of all your shipment and track your shipments effectively, and with connections across the sea, they can ensure the safety of your cargo.


Affordability of the services is also an essential factor when deciding on a freight forwarding agent. Make sure your shipping is not over-charged, and there is no hidden cost.

With branches in over 134 countries, Mex Berlian Expeditions is a popular choice in Freight Forwarding.