Everything you need to know about trucks

When we talk about transporting some type of merchandise in large quantities, the first thing we need is the trucks that are also classified as a type of land transport.If you are thinking about buying trucks, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about different types of trucks. If you know about different types of trucks, then it will be easy for you to buy the truck which is most suitable for your own business. Click here for used cars in el cajon.

Types of cargo trucks

First of all, to choose a truck we have to focus on four points: its load capacity, age, geolocation system and its documentation to the letter. Now that you know this, we present the types of cargo trucks:

used cars in el cajonTrailer

This type of trucks is the first one that comes to our mind. The trailer has a cabin and a semi-trailer used to transport.Visit this site for used cars in el cajon.


Trailers are one kind of rigid trucks. When they are smaller, they can be used as urban transport, parcel, among others.


They are composed of two rigid parts joined through a joint.

Road train

Frequent in Australia. These trucks have more than one trailer. This type of truck has difficulty traveling on some roads that are not intended to carry such long vehicles.


They are usually used mostly to transport food. There are also calorific trucks although these are not as frequent and keep the temperature above a certain amount of degrees.


Used for the transport of liquids, gaseous and chemical. Its loading area is a cylindrical tank, its cylindrical shape facilitates the flow of water through it.


They are enabled to transport live animals. To be transported, they must be certified and approved in order to guarantee health and safety. Usually, the animals that are transported are pigs, sheep, cows or chickens.


They are the most frequent since they have the capacity to transport all types of merchandise as long as they do not require specific storage conditions.

Difference between rigid and articulated vehicles

A rigid truck box is attached to the cab and the rest of the truck components through the chassis. On the contrary, the rigid truck is formed by two rigid structures joined by an articulation point, where one of these drags the entire truck assembly, in addition to the merchandise being transported in the semi-trailer.