Wedding Photography Packages: Capturing The Forever

Wedding photography is a branch of photography that focuses mainly on documenting wedding-related occasions and activities. It might also feature earlier forms of portrait photography like a pre-wedding engagement shoot (photographs might be used in invitation). On the big day, the photographer tries to capture portraits of the couple and documentary wedding photography packages to record the various wedding traditions and festivities.


Since Joseph NicéphoreNiépce created photography as an art form in 1826. The photography has seen changes since then. A photograph taken roughly 14 years after the event may represent a reconstruction for the camera of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding in 1840. Before the second half of the 19th century, few people posed for official wedding portraits while getting married. Instead, they might dress to the nines and take a formal picture before or after a wedding. More people started posing for the camera in late 1860s.

Initially, wedding photography was primarily a studio profession because of lighting concerns and heavy equipment. Although technology has advanced over the years, many couples still only posed for a single wedding portrait. Around the 1880s, wedding albums became more popular, and the photographer occasionally included the wedding party in the pictures. The wedding presents were frequently shown and documented in the photos as well.

Wedding studio photography is the fourth trend that is well-liked in Asian nations. Usually, couples schedule an appointment with a studio for an in-studio or on-location photo shoot, assisted by a hairstylist and a make-up artist besides the photographer and the couple. Similar to the fashion-based approach, the couple will experience numerous changes in their attire and backgrounds.