CBD Oil Extracted from Hemp vs CBD Oil Obtained from Normal Cannabis

To make the most common CBD oils, CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from industrial hemp are used. More rarely, it is possible to find CBD oils made from regular cannabis plants. These oils usually contain THC, but in lower quantities than classic THC oils. They therefore generate a high, albeit milder than that obtained from cannabis use. Due to limits on the amount of THC in CBD-containing products, CBD oils extracted from standard cannabis plants are illegal in most of the states. Check out the best cbd oil.

CBD oil vs Tinctures

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The distinction between CBD oils and CBD tinctures can also be confusing. However, these two products differ in the way they are made. The tincture is achieved by soaking the CBD-rich flowers in high-strength alcohol and cooking the mixture over low heat for several hours. The result is a tincture with a high CBD content, comparable to a very potent CBD oil. It can be taken orally (by pouring the drops under the tongue) or mixed with food and drinks. The tincture is also a great DIY alternative to CBD oil, as it is easy to make and does not involve the use of complex extraction techniques.

Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum and Isolated CBD Oil

So what are the differences between full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate?

CBD Isolated

CBD oil isolate contains pure (“isolate”) CBD extracted from hemp and mixed with a carrier oil. Compared to “full spectrum” products, CBD oil isolate does not have any other active ingredients. While less in demand than full spectrum CBD oil, this product is ideal for consumers who need to take pure CBD.

Full Spectrum” CBD Oil

Also called “whole plant”, full spectrum CBD oils can be sourced from both the whole hemp plant and buds. These products contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of hemp. The combined action of these molecules is believed to offer greater benefits over individual components, such as CBD isolate.

What is the most potent type of CBD oil?

The most potent type of CBD is that isolated in the form of a crystalline powder. However, pure CBD is very rare and difficult to dose accurately. However, there are oils on the market that contain 300 to 5000mg of CBD in each 30ml bottle. In addition to the amount of CBD in a product, there are many other factors that determine the potency of an oil. In fact, the optimal potency of a CBD oil may depend on other elements, such as the final use and the desired effects.