What makes Rolex stands out from the crowd?

Rolex is a kind of its own, the one who owns and wears it can tell the difference with just a touch. Why Rolex is so expensive? do Rolex watches take batteries? To answer such question please carry on and read this article:

  1. Steel matters

Many watch enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that Rolex uses different variations of steel, not the common one used by every other brand out there. Rolex uses 904L steel to manufacture all its watches except for special editions.

  1. Handcrafted

Every Rolex watch ever made is handmade, there are a lot of misconceptions related to it like Rolex is machine-made and this is blindly believed which is not true.

  1. Battery or no battery

do Rolex watches take batteries? The answer is no. Rolex doesn’t have batteries in their watch and if someone ever finds a battery behind their watch then it is fake.

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  1. Everything is homemade

Rolex builds their watches from scratch to Rolex. Everything they use from gems to steel everything is adjusted and carved in the house by the hands of in-house magicians.

  1. Nonprofit organization

Yes, Rolex is a nonprofit-making company, as it donates or invests in the welfare of society whatever it churns out as profit.

  1. Each Rolex takes about a year to complete

Peeps working at Rolex are so precise about their work that it takes nearly a year to make one Rolex. And why not, it comes out as perfection though.

  1. Tested and approved

Every Rolex goes through an array of different tests and checks. It also goes through a water pressure test, water-resistance test, damage-resistant test, and many more to ensure the best for their customers.