Not simply moderation, the upsides of the Filomuro swing door are many – space-saving arrangement; customization; adaptability, XXL measures.

The flush pivoted door doesn’t consume any extra space with the thickness of the casing, it saves valuable centimeters in little spaces and with its disguise boards it can likewise be utilized to conceal administration compartments in the passageways, in the restroom or in the entry hdb door.

The flush-to-the-divider pivoted door is subsequently great for any room in your home, most importantly in light of the fact that it ensures visual congruity with the divider and offers various customization prospects given the wide decision of discretionary materials and completions. For instance, swing doors are accessible:

  • in glass,
  • Wood,
  • lacquered,
  • cover,

with colored or incomplete door, which you can redo as you would prefer. With backdrop, wood covers, paint or even with porcelain stoneware covers, which permits ideal congruity of materials and ensures a tasteful consequence of extraordinary effect.

Flexibility additionally plays for flush-to-the-divider doors : they are indeed appropriate for establishment in workmanship and mortar dividers and for those in plasterboard, in norm or larger than average aspects. Specifically, along with the more exemplary arrangements, you can pick the adaptation of the Filomuro swing door with two doors.


One more justification behind picking a swing door is its estimations. The door can truth be told arrive at the roof and along these lines comprise a scenographic arrangement and exceptionally valuable in letting all the more light pass once it is open. The flush-to-the-divider pivoted full-tallness doors boost the feel of the door, giving a slim impact to the entire room.