Overview of a pallet truck:

A pallet truck, is known as a pump truck/pallet jack is a trolley that has wheels that is created to lift and then move the pallets. The forks slot are tapered of the truck and are located below the pallet and there is a pump handle that can be used to lower and raise the load.

A pallet truck is commonly used in stockrooms, warehouses, and other places where wooden pallets are in use commonly. Pallet trucks can come in different types according to different requirements including:

  • High lift
  • Mini
  • Rough Terrain
  • Extra Wide/Extra Long
  • Low Profile
  • Galvanized
  • Pallet trucks that have a weighing scale in-built
  • Powered or electric.

Several other types of pallet trucks are available in the market.

How a pallet truck is used?

Pallet trucks can be used with the usual wooden pallets. If you want to move a load using this truck, then you should first place on the pallet the load and secure it further using lashing straps or other load restraint products. Once the load is restrained then the pallet truck can be maneuvered into place, by sliding the forks in the gaps that are provided for this. The pump-action handle of the truck can then be used to raise the pallet above the ground.

With the help of pallet pump trucks, loads can be moved easily around the premises and it eliminates several risks that are related to heavy lifting. If you are moving pallets on rough terrains, then it is better to use pallet trucks suited for all-terrain.