How is Swedish Massage done?

Before starting to describe how a Swedish massage session is normally carried out, it is good to remember that it would be good to contact only professional masseurs who work in qualified structures . In this way, in fact, both the efficacy and the safety of the treatment should be guaranteed massage places in Denver.

After having investigated the possible presence of contraindications and after having understood which problems led the individual to request the execution of the massage in question, the session can begin.

The Swedish massage is performed on a classic massage table and normally involves the use of massage oils to facilitate the movements of the masseur. In most cases, the massage is performed on the whole body , excluding only the private parts. However, depending on the needs of the person being massaged, it is also possible to treat limited and localized areas.

In any case, given the use of massage oils and the involvement of the whole body, the massaged person should only wear underwear.

Manipulation Techniques

The Swedish massage involves the execution of different but very specific types of manipulations:

Light and deep touches : these are manipulations that are usually performed at the beginning of the session and, sometimes, also at the end of it. The touches are used to promote relaxation of the individual and to prepare him for the subsequent manipulations that characterize the Swedish massage. Generally, these are medium to low intensity manipulations.

Rubbing : these are more energetic manipulations than those described above, they are normally carried out in the direction of venous circulation and help to favor the drainage of liquids.

Superficial and deep kneading : these are quite energetic manipulations that are carried out to stimulate the surface of the epidermis , stimulate blood circulation and promote tissue oxygenation. With superficial kneading, usually, the “anomalous” areas are ” squeezed ” (localized adiposity, cellulite, etc.).

Frictions : these are deep manipulations, generally circular, which cause friction between adjacent tissues. Performing them should improve blood supply.

Percussion : they consist of rapid and rhythmic taps carried out in order to tone both the skin and the underlying tissues and muscles. Percussion is generally performed at the end of the massage, but not in all parts of the body.