Why You Must Use Neteller?

Lots of people online make use of Neteller as the preferred payment way. Some of the reasons to do so are given here:

  • Lower Fees – There’re savings made by making use of e-wallets, for instance in a form of the reduced withdrawal fees in online casinos. Suppose you ever qualify for Neteller VIP program, then these savings will become greater.
  • Extra Security – Sharing your bank details, card numbers as well as personal financial details online will make some people feel very uncomfortable. But, Neteller account provides you extra layer of safety, as the casino can have information on the Neteller account only, and will not have your bank details.
  • Faster Deposits and Withdrawals – Making use of e-wallets such as Neteller can mean getting the funds faster and will make deposits at a casino instantly. Generally, withdrawal time at many casinos online is below 24 hours, when opposed to many days for the cards and the bank transfers.

Why You Must Use Neteller?

  • Extra Bonuses – There are some casinos that provide extra bonuses for making use of Neteller. It does not happen at each casino, however, there is the huge lists Neteller as the preferred payment method as well as gives you the good bonus for using this platform.
  • Fast Funds Transfers Anywhere – You will easily send money to users with the e-mail address. It is good for sending your money to family and friends internationally.
  • Plenty of Currency Options –It is possible to open your account in different currencies. It is one big plus for the people who transfer plenty of money internationally. FX fees drop when you graduate to VIP program.
  • Anonymity –There is no secret that the banks do not like the gambling activity onto your account, and in case they see history, this will highly impact or affect your ability of getting credit like mortgages and loans. E-wallets provide legitimate way of keeping your gambling one secret, from the bank at least!

Neteller Virtual Card Online

Neteller allows you to buy the instant virtual cards, which can easily be used for the online purchase. Just go to Virtual Card tab for Net+ Cards and select the currency, name and limit (optional). Fee to create the card will be 2€.

You may use the Net+ Virtual MasterCard at any website where the MasterCard is been accepted. This comes in handy in case you want to pay something where you do not trust the seller or just want to risk set limit of a card.