What is Melanotan, and how Melanotan 2 dosage can help in perfect tanning?

Getting that golden tan on the skin can give a more polished aesthetic to the person’s overall look. People spend their money and time in tan beds or while lying out in the sun for a longer period. However, both these processes can be quite harmful. Tanning beds mean ultraviolet rays and that can be quite harmful in excessive exposure is rendered. Also, lying out in the sun for too long though, can have some good effects like improved circadian rhythm, better mental health, and more vitamin D; it can also have harmful effects. Lying out in the sun exposes the skin to UV rays and other harmful radiations of the sun, which can cause skin problems and even skin cancer. So to avoid all these repercussions of tanning, one can pick Melanotan 2 dosage for the perfect tan.

What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan II is a type of hormone that stimulates alpha melanocytes. This hormone is reasonable for skin pigmentation as it increases the melanin in the skin, which when gets exposed to the sun gives darker skin pigmentation. Melanotan copies the action of melanocortin peptides, which is largely responsible for darker skin complexions.

How is itadministered?

There is only one way to use the Melanotan 2, and that is by injecting it in the skin under the upper layer and is used every alternate day to see the results. This way, the Melanotan enters the cells which have the melanocytes and thus shows better results. after the injections, one can go out in the sun and can easily get a tan without having to expose the skin for too long.

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One of the biggest benefits that are seen using Melanotan 2 dosage is getting good and even tan on the skin. However, Melanotan stimulating melanocortin peptides also help in enhancing various other body functions like the immune system, sexual functioning, homeostasis, cardiovascular system, and inflammation. This is the reason why it is seen that Melanotan is quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men. It can enhance the rection in men and is also used in other dysfunctioning treating drugs.

Side effects

Like every other drug, Melanotan II can also have some side effects in some people like cramps, nausea loss of appetite, vomiting. Also, facial flushing is quite common in people using Melanotan II. In men, priapism is also seen, which is getting erecting every 2 to 5 hours. However, these side effects either subside or, in many cases, are seen at all.