The ultimate sale

            Almost all the girls tend to fall in love with jewellery, especially if they are real. Many people demand for gold and diamonds which can be pretty expensive. But not to fear, if you really want some there is a sale of 916 gold jewellery in Singapore. So you can get the best extremely low prices.

Where to get it from?

            Unfortunately not very single jewellery store is having a sale, but there is one, Money Max. They are actually a pawning centre, but they also sell many items like watches, handbags, and jewellery on their online luxury goods shop. So you can choose from a variety of items, and the luxury jewellery for cheaper than normal.

How much can you save?

            With the sale 916 gold jewellery sinagpore you can save plenty. They have tons of options for carious prices. They’ve got gold charms, which are around $160 to $220. The original process start from over $400, so you are getting quite the steal, as they are new designs, and you can save up to 60%. They’ve got bracelets, and earrings, and on most of them you can save more than 50%. But there are some collections like the Peppa collection where you only save around 25%.

Why choose them?

            Money Max may seem like a good choice because first of all they have got tons of options available, and they have comfortable price ranges from below $100 as well. And with their sales you can save a bunch. So why not choose them?