Questions to ask yourself before buying clothes

You buy a piece of clothing and days later you ask yourself “What was I thinking?” Your closet is full of dresses that you used very few times that cost you a lot of money.So that you do not waste your money on dresses that you do not use, today we suggest some questions that you should ask yourself before buying. Click here for กางเกง holdem ราคา.

Am I buying this dress just because it is on sale?

The dress you are interested in may have a good discount. However, that is of no use if you are never going to use it. Ask yourself if you are really interested in wearing that dress or do you just think it is at a good price. Visit this site for เสื้อ ยืด กางเกง ขา สั้น pantip

What can I combine it with?

Make sure that the dress you are going to buy works for many different outfits. This will help make your closet much more versatile and get the most out of the dress.

Do I really love this dress?

Don’t buy a dress you’re not 100 percent convinced of, either because you don’t like the color, style, or material. If you have to think too hard if you like it, maybe the answer is no.

Does it look good on me?

Never buy something that you don’t feel comfortable with or that doesn’t fit your body.

Do I know where to use this dress?

If you don’t usually go out at night, do you really need a cocktail dress? Think about your lifestyle and the clothes that really complement your daily activities.

Am I buying it because it is trending?

Trends come and go, but the style remains. So, keep in mind that if you invest in a trendy dress, in two years you may not like it anymore. The best way not to waste your money will always be to invest in basic and timeless dresses.