Importance of Golf Course Management

There are many factors that can help reduce your golf results and reduce your disability, and managing the field is one of them. This is an aspect of golf that is often overlooked, as people strive to design the perfect swing to play better. The fact is that proper golf course management can make a big difference, and this is really a big part of the mental golf game.

Each field has unique challenges, and each hole is also different.

It is important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. When you play on a new field, analyze each hole and develop a game plan. Your game plan should have an element of flexibility, for example, if it is windy, then you must adapt accordingly and take lower strokes and choose longer sticks, you can deliver more strokes that remain under the wind if the wind is your face.

If the wind helps you, you can decide to go with a driver with a face value of 5 and choose green in 2 strokes instead of using stick 3. A good tip that you need to follow is to analyze each hole from the green looking towards the tee. This view will allow you to better see the hole and choose more suitable outdoor landing points that will give you a better and flatter lie for a more convenient shot.

Golf Club Management

When you make suitable hits on green, it is usually better to be short than long if there is no water or other danger below green. Most fields are very vindictive if you spend a lot of time in the pit, as you usually find yourself on trees or even outside the borders. The location of the pins in the hole should affect how you strike. Most fans should be advised to pick the greasy portion of the greens, rather than shoot from the solid pins that drive water and other hazards such as silos.


It is important to play with a high percentage of shots, which, as you know, you can achieve more often than not. If you are 275 yards from the pit and still have not broken through Forest 3, do not try to make a wonderful shot in the field. Instead, lie down with a shorter stick, and then use your wedge to bring the ball closer to the hole. Do not forget to take into account the hardness of greens when shooting with the approach. After the first two holes you can get an idea of ​​how much green fell.