A different currency:

         Even though not used in the general transactions of money, the crypto currency cannot be ignored as it is here to stay no matter what is described about it. It is a very different method of currency usage and you may not be touching it as the fiat currency bill notes or coins but the bitcoin price tells everything that it does have a value that you can express in the other fiat currency worth. Not many people are aware of it even today when the development of information technology has grown so much but they are slowly getting to know about it slowly but steadily.

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From then to now:

  • The bitcoin has been in existence since 1994 and the value that it was a very feeble 0.3 USD. Since then it has grown very slowly but it has been in use even though in the hands of very few people all over the world.
  • It is different from the regular money as it does not pass through the bank in the countries but it is used between the private owners of the money through the network called as the block chain.
  • Today the rate of the bitcoin is around 13,000USD which is a very huge change. This is also due to the fact that many people are coming to know about it and are interested in using it within the private network.
  • The currency has also faced disastrous rate a few years back and it was argued if it was going to survive at all but the bitcoin price improved again to what it is today as trading continues to take place in the crypto currency all over the world within the network.