Why series rather than movies?

There are of course excellent films in VO (Original Version), and you should not deprive you to watch them with subtitles, rather than French. Discover the real voice of the actors, their expressions, it is a real change compared to the VF (French version)! But you cannot say that it teaches you a lot about language.

The duration

In general, the episodes are short, between 20 and 45 minutes. That means you can watch one episode (or more) every day, and you’ll inevitably find the time to fit that moment into your schedule. It must be a moment for you, even if you wear helmets to be able to isolate yourself and enjoy this special moment “in English”.

The universe to which we attach

When you discover a series, you enter a particular universe, with its own codes and necessarily you will attach to it if you like the series. You will learn to know the characters and enjoy finding them each time you watch a new episode. 0solarmovie  one and half website for online movies

And there, the emotional aspect of learning comes into play: to learn well and keep the skills acquired, you must take pleasure in what you do. This is true for children: they need to have a good class atmosphere and a caring teacher for students to learn. Well, it’s also valid for adults!


When the emotional aspect of learning is not taken into account, you can learn about the moment, but what you have learned will not stay in your brain, you will hardly be able to reinvest it.

So the series is ideal!

But, do we really learn by looking in the series?

Well yes, you will learn many elements of the language by regularly watching series in VOST (original version with subtitles)! It’s not enough to speak English fluently, but it’s a great exercise: