Why Bit coin like more people and used it!

Bit coin is revolutionary and has an incredible technology: that is what we are explaining along the Bit2Me Guide, but it is normal that you feel overwhelmed and ask yourself…

In what does this lot of amazing technology translate? What is the result that normal people perceive?

After making an initial explanation about  what is Bitcoin  in the first chapter of the Guide, in this chapter we want to translate Bitcoin into “Spanish”, so we will explain how all this technology works in concrete things, what are the advantages  that are positioning it as the best money

online bettingFast

Sending any amount of money is a matter of minutes. Regardless of the amount, regardless of the destination.


The cost of making a transfer to any part of the world through your bank can cost you a lot of money. When doing it in bit coins, the cost is of cents or free. Micropayments: using a bank, paying € 0.3 to someone from Chile in gratitude for a tweet or like is UNBEATABLE, in Bit coin it is a reality.


You can send bit coins to any country in the world. Bitcoin, like the Internet or the E-Mail, has no borders. This, with the guarantee of respecting the freedom of its users, makes Bitcoin the first global currency that really works.

Decentralized emission

No government or central bank can control it or interfere in the valuation of bitcoin, neither in its creation nor in its distribution. With 1 bitcoin , money is depoliticized, made of people, thus eliminating the control that the FIAT money has over the population.

Programmable money

Bitcoin is simple to implement and implies an entire programming language, which allows you to create pieces of code that will be executed in the transaction. This, previously unthinkable, allows any programmer to monetize all types of services. Even payments between totally autonomous machines are possible, simplifying manual processes, complex and slow.


All transactions are public since they are visible in real time under pseudonyms in the form of Bitcoin address. Anyone can reveal the Bit coin address that manages to show with absolute transparency where it goes to the last cent. Imagine governments, town halls, NGOs, foundations, associations, companies, … anyone can take advantage of this functionality in seconds.