Where To Find The Best Results Through Coolsculpting – San Francisco

What is coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, nonsurgical procedure that has come up for people looking to reduce excess fat. It is not so famous throughout the world but has a lot of centres performing the procedure in the US. With so many new centres for coolsculpting, San Francisco has expert spas and centres that perform the procedure. With the procedure gaining a lot of popularity after getting approval from US Food and drug administration, it also has a lot of benefits when compared with other fat removal procedures.

How does it work?

The method uses a procedure called cryolipolysis in which the target area is placed between two panels that cool the fatty area to freezing temperatures. The frozen fat cells are killed and then later removed by the body after processing through the kidney. This way, good results are seen within a few sessions of the procedure. The results are also long-term and can last indefinitely if the person follows a healthy lifestyle. With such great results observed from coolsculpting, San Francisco has seen a great increase in the number of centres that perform the procedure.

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What are the target areas for the procedure?

The procedure can be used to reduce fat from around the belly, the sides, thighs, lower back. The procedure is also used to reduce fat from around the buttocks, arms and legs nowadays. Some people also use it to reduce the fat present under the skin. The procedure takes almost an hour to complete for each session. Treating more than one part at a time takes more time to show results. Also treating large parts takes more time and more sessions to get better results. For working on any part of the body by coolsculpting san francisco has the best experts.

Short term effects

The procedure usually takes around a few months to show good results, but some effects of the procedure are observed in people after treatment. The side effects are slight pain or tingling feeling around the treatment area, short term redness, swelling of the target area, sensitive skin. All of these effects are short term and are found to disappear within two weeks of treatment. There aren’t any long-term effects found with the procedure.