How to eliminate bed bugs completely from home?

Bed bugs are small insects which feed on human blood especially during night time. It stays in and around furniture like bed, sofa, etc. A bed bug’s bite can cause many health problems including rashes and skin allergies. There are some symptoms with which one can identify whether he/she has got affected by bed bugs. After the bite, it will hardly take one or two days for the redness or itchiness to appear on the skin. Even though they may not cause any serious diseases, it may lead to any type of skin problems. Check here to get rid of bed bugs problem at your home.

get rid of bed bugs

There are some home remedies that you could try to get rid of bed bugs. They are as follows,

  1. Take a vacuum cleaner and suck those bugs. Check all the possible places it is about to reside like sofa, chair, mattress and anywhere that is dark enough which helps them stay. Once done vacuuming dispose it to the farthest place possible away from home. You should do this frequently so as to prevent them populating more.
  2. Alcohol can kill insects too. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray it wherever needed for best results.
  3. Sprinkling baking soda is a well known process. This baking soda will completely absorb moisture from insect’s body that results in its death.
  4. If your fabrics allow hot water treatment, then have a hot water wash and sundry it to kill bugs.
  5. Silica gel can also do wonders in killing bugs. Grind the silica beads and sprinkle it all over your bed and furniture. If your house has kids, then this method should be avoided because touching or inhaling it would be more harmful.
  6. If vacuum could not completely kill insects, using steamer would be a great option. The heat can kill bedbugs and also eggs it would have laid. There are more varieties and brands of steamers available in the market. If you are planning to buy one, this website can provide many choices with different price ranges that could suit your needs.