Car rental with option to purchase, some points to check

Need to rent a car to explore a new country? Discover the pitfalls to avoid and good practices to adopt to ensure your car rental during your stay abroad by เช่า รถ ราย เดือน เชียงราย

What to do before renting your vehicle online?

renting a professional vehicle

Today, in a few clicks, you book a car abroad on sites. A facility that does not exempt you from conducting basic checks. So, no matter the country, favor recognized professionals. And, if this is impossible, check carefully the quality of the renter. For that, consult the forums or the specialized sites like. Another important point: choose a renter with an agency where you can pick up and return your rental vehicle. Avoid hirers offering to wait at the airport or train station to give you the vehicle. This could backfire at the end of your stay. Before signing your contract, โปร เช่า รถ เชียงราย  make sure that someone will wait for you to pick up the keys and make an inventory of the car. Also, ask that a parking space be reserved. Last point to consider: the agency must have a local phone number accessible at all times. Thus, in case of problem or failure, you will more easily get assistance

Leasing abroad: what are the risks?

Age: for young people under 21, young driver insurance is applied. Beyond a certain age, rate increases are also expected.

Destination :

 Be aware of traffic restrictions imposed by rental companies in some countries. Thus, in Poland, you will not be allowed to cross the border of Ukraine or Belarus driving your rental car. If you do not comply with this rule, you will no longer be covered by the insurance. However, depending on the country, the renter may, for an additional cost, lift these prohibitions. In some countries, you will not be allowed to drive on unpaved roads. Plan you’re itinerary accordingly.