What You Should Know About Buying Gold Accessories

Whether you’re pampering yourself or shopping for a special occasion, buying gold jewelry could be a fun experience. Gold is one of the precious metals that retain its value. Likewise, it’s durable and will endure the test of times with proper care. But, buying gold accessories can also be very costly. The price of gold differs, depending on where you buy it, the karat, or the weight. Since, this special transaction is an investment that lasts for a lifetime, do your own research and pick wisely to find durable pieces that bring years of pleasure.

Familiarize Yourself with the Purity Standards.

The value of gold is characterized by its purity – also known as the “fineness.” This has been measured in karats. The karat measurements divide purity into 24ths. For instance, 24 karat gold is 100 percent pure and 12 karat gold is 50 percent pure.

Know the Right Purity for You.

While gold is more valuable at higher levels of purity, you may prefer to buy less pure gold for certain reasons. 24 karat gold is soft and highly prone to damage and scratching. In fact, pure gold is more expensive compared to the alloyed gold. If you wish to wear the accessory on a daily basis, you’ll have to buy an item no more than 18 karats to avoid damage. Next, you have to think about how often your jewelry will be exposed to hard surfaces on a daily basis. For instance, highly pure gold bracelets and rings are most likely to experience major damage if worn daily.

Think About the Vermeil or Plated Gold.

Vermeil and plated define methods of dipping other metals into molten gold to make a firm coating. This jewelry will be more affordable than the purer variations but also more prone to wear, damage, and cracking. Plating entails dipping a base metal, like brass or steel, into an electroplating solution with a piece of pure gold. An electric current is used and the gold will attach itself to a thin sheet around the metal. Usually, the plating is thin and sensitive to wear. Vermeil involves the same plating procedure but particularly refers to jewelry that has a base material of sterling silver. In addition, sterling silver is often loved by owners with a lot of allergic reactions to precious metals. The plating is thin and prone to damage.

Choose the Right Color for You.

Gold comes in white, pink, and yellow. There’s also a rarer green variation. The green, pink, and white variations are created by combining gold with other metals. Non-yellow varieties are usually no more than 18 karats. Yellow gold depicts the natural color of the mineral but that doesn’t mean that all yellow gold accessories are pure. Don’t assume that yellow gold is pure and always look for the markings. Moreover, white gold is created by pouring in nickel or palladium. It resembles silver but has a slightly brighter color. Rose or pink gold is created by mixing in copper. Green gold is created by pouring in silver. Because of the value of both gold and silver, green gold is more expensive than the other variations.

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