New art district coming up in Hong Kong

The proposed district of art is situated in Kowloon peninsula overlooking the Victorian Harbor. The area of the size three million square feet is developed as the art district consisting of retail, commercial and residential interests with total project cost of $2.6 Billion. The k11musea as the project named going to have shopping complex, redesigned promenade, class A offices and hotel besides residential complex. It aims to bring art to masses and make the people relax and enjoy the artistic atmosphere.


An adriancheng the entrepreneur and chairman of the K11 group is the master mind behind the idea. HE wants this place to be the cultural destination of the Asian continent. He has brought in the famous artists and architects from around the world for this project. IT is going to be ready by the third quarter of 2019 will consist 10 storey shopping mall beside having space for holding art shows and exhibitions. It consists of 4,800 square meters of green wall which is equivalent to 18 international tennis courts. While it may sound risky constructing a shopping mall in the age of internet, K11 strongly believes it will completely new feeling when they shop here and also huge chunk of Asian sales is taking through the traditional shopping methods and not through online. This construction once finished will elevate the Victorian harbor to international fame with the proposed office and shopping complexes. People wil surely love the new buildings.