Gratis is a free dating app which we will get on Android phones only. In this app, it is not necessary to sign up via email. After logging on this site we use all the facilities of this app. Here we get the messaging app which we used instantly after logging in. In this app you can see the singles in your locality in the basis of distance like in Facebook we can see the nearby friends which are marked in red and is mentioned their locality. We estimated that more over 14000 singles register this app daily. It is the very popular site.

Download Process:

The app can be downloaded from google play store at free of cost. It works only in the Android version 4.0 or higher than it. On March 12, 2018, the last update will happen. Though a few days ago, bugs problem is created here, the site gets many complain but now the problems have been solved. From this negative review,  the users cannot be worried at all. Because the overall reviews are much better than any other apps,it just reaches to 4.4 stars. 86840 users give the reviews five stars also. We download this best app for dating issues.

Online Dating:

Now we find our true love through the internet. For coming valentine’s day, many arrangements are advised on internet, TV etc. The couple gives and takes chocolates, cards, flowers etc. But singles miss it. For singles, this day is very irritating. They also irritate when they see couples everywhere especiallyChristmas and New Year’s Eve. Online dating is a very popular way to be engaged with partners.

Christian Dating sites: is the popular site of Christian. It does not base on quick flirt or one night stand and physical attractions. Here singles will end up their search for an ideal partner. 4000 members are registered on this site daily. In 2014, this sites exchange bring one couple at least per week. They increase the probability of couples.


From a recent survey, we can observe that thousand people log in with their kids in the dating site to become a couple. Romantic WhatsApp messages, sexy selfies help to get a partner. But long-termrelationship or marriage depends on faith and love. We also get it via online. It is very good opportunity for shy people.