Direct Mail In Ottawa, ON, Personalized, Explicit And Impactful

Direct mail means sending personalized and creative messages to potential customers or leads and converting them into clients. By typing the correct email to the right person, grow your business rapidly and effectively. Studies show that approx. 90% of direct emails are viewed, making it a brilliant marketing strategy. Expand your business by sending crisp direct mail in Ottawa, ON, through Allegra.

Perks of a direct mail marketing

  • There are many reasons why companies choose direct emails to market their products. Let’s walk through a few of them.
  • Pocket-friendly solution. Direct mail marketing is cost-effective and provides a greater ROI than other strategies.
  • It is personalized. A few companies dispatching direct mail in Ottawa, ON, like Allegra, offer email customization so each message can feel personal, increasing customer engagement.
  • It’s flexible. Effortlessly Integrate your email campaigns with digital marketing strategies.
  • The effects are measurable. There are many ways to monitor the effectiveness and success of the campaigns.
  • It holds attention. Direct emails are substantial and help remind customers about the services your company delivers.
  • You can boost brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Personalized landing pages and their importance in email marketing campaigns

Ever received a mail containing some plain old generic greeting? The impersonal demeanour of such a mail asking you to engage with their business or buy a product lets your spirit down to continue further into the marketing funnel. Personalized landing pages are created with this purpose in mind. They provide a personal touch when clients connect with you online. With PURLS, you automatically load a tailored landing page for every recipient with a web address that consists of their name, contact info or other details about the offer or company. Besides, giving effective ways for users to respond, PURLs also allow you to do immediate tracking. Each time a person clicks on the link or types the PURL into their CPU, you will know who answered, and you can trace their actions.

An important thing to keep in mind before starting a direct email marketing campaign is to have a solid mailing list with relevant prospects. A high-quality commodity, attractive offer and well-articulated advertisement are all in vain if not sent to the right person. Conclusively, you cannot sell meat to a vegan food enthusiast, can you?