How to use the Hydraulic Torque Wrench?

Steps to be followed to use hydraulic torque wrench are given below:

Assemble the parts – When you buy a hydraulic torque wrench, it will come disassembled and it is your first job to assemble it so that you can use it. There are three parts namely, hose, power pack, and hydraulic torque wrench and you have to attach one end of the hose with power pack and another end with a hydraulic torque wrench. It is recommended to make sure that you have to tighten those three parts

torque wrench singaporeModify the torque level – Each and every hydraulic torque wrench singapore must have adjustable settings by which you can set the exact torque level for your project. You should know and set the controls based on the fixed torque level of your current project. When it does not have any pre-determined value, then set with the lowest value and tighten it. Be careful, you should not over tighten the nuts or bolts, because there will be the possibility of breakages.

Read instructions – Usually, your hydraulic wrench will look like hex bolt or nut and if it does not match with the shape then you have to follow the instructions that are given in the user manual of product. Make sure that you are fully studied and understood the manual before using the tool.

Ready to use – This the final step and after attaching the product with pipe nuts, you have to ensure that whether the gasket is aligned properly or not.